Laura Garwood, MA
Sacramento Editor and Writer

"Laura is a gem and fun to work with. I'm quite pleased."

--Anne Machonis, client

"Best. Editor. Ever."

--Melissa Eskue Ousley, client

"Wonderful mom."

--Selah Beth Meehan, daughter*

Welcome to my site! I am a trained and experienced editor and writer, and I look forward to helping you with your writing project, whatever it may be. 

You're an editor? What does an editor do?
An editor comes alongside a writer, collaborating and giving advice with the aim of provoking a creative response in the writer. I work to make a writer's project the very best that it can be. I do not simply "correct" or criticize writing; I help shape it and smooth it, always ensuring that the writing still belongs to the writer but does its work to meet the writer's goals.

Who do you work for?
I am an independent contractor.

Many people who hire me are seeking an agent or a traditional publisher, and I help them get their manuscripts into a clean, marketable, polished shape. These days, agents and publishers will not consider manuscripts that still need work, unfortunately. I often also help clients assemble query packages. My master's in book publishing helps me keep an eye toward marketability.

Others start out or later decide to self-publish, and these clients may need more work, since they will not have a publisher's editor or proofreader. I also help self-publishing clients consider their marketing goals and plans, if desired.

Are you an agent or a publisher?
Sometimes I contract with publishers to clean up manuscripts they have already accepted for publication. This does not, however, mean that I can sell publishers manuscripts.

I help with the writing process. An agent is a business
representative who sells manuscripts to publishers, often for a commission. A publisher coordinates the parties who turn a manuscript into a book, possibly including an editor, designer, proofreader, marketer, and printer. However, I am able to help clients query agents and publishers.

*For the record, my daughter actually hacked my website to add the above comment. But I will gladly take her praise.